Services and Fees

Dear Parent,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Relationship Development Intervention® (RDI®) The first thing I should mention to you is that many of my clients are located all over the country. Geography is not a limitation or an issue with RDI®. I will further explain as we go along.

Below, you will find some basic information regarding my RDI® services and fees. If, after reading my information you are still interested and want to know even more specifics on how to get your family program started, please contact me either by email or by phone and I will send you a detailed Parent Information Packet with all the particulars.

Because I want your child and your family to be successful with your RDI® program, you need to plan on a minimum of six months of intervention. This is because RDI® is a parent-based Consultant Model. As an RDI® Program Certified Consultant it is my job to teach you the skills and strategies you need to connect more meaningfully with your child. This education piece takes time. This type of intervention will only be beneficial if you allow yourself the necessary time it takes for you to feel competent. Most families, once familiar with RDI®, see it as a lifestyle change and want to use it long term.

About the Consultant

Stacy Goresko, Ph.D., is a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Program Certified Consultant in private practice who specializes in educating and treating families, children, adolescents and adults on the Autism Spectrum. She provides home-based and school-based consultations.

Dr. Goresko is an accomplished educator with over 20 years experience directing and teaching in prominent schools and colleges. She is a respected presenter on Autism, Helping Children on the Spectrum at School, Building Social Relationships with ASD Individuals, and Language Use and Social Interaction of the Classroom.

As a parent of a child with autism she understands what families need. As a professional she can help!

RDI Services

1. The first step in the RDI Program is to schedule two* initial 1.5 hour visit RDI consultations with Dr. Stacy Goresko. This may be at your home at my office or via the telephone or internet for long-distanced clients. The purpose of these two meetings is to talk specifically about RDI and how it might benefit your family. In these meetings we will talk about Autism Spectrum Disorder and go into some detail about the core areas of deficits of autism. Since RDI is a remediation program, (RDI attempts to remedy the core deficits of autism), it is critical that parents are familiar and comfortable with the concept of a remediation treatment program. During these meetings, we will also talk about the “Parent Objectives” piece of RDI as well as “Child Objectives.” These meetings will also provide an opportunity for you to ask me any questions you might have regarding RDI. ( Please note, this is not part of the RDI assessment and payment is collected at the time of each visit.)

* if you have attended a recent two-day RDI Introductory Workshop given by Steve Gutstein, you are only required to have one initial meeting with Dr. Goresko.

2. After your two initial visits, the next step in the RDI program is to complete the parent questionnaires and do a 20 minute home video. (I will provide you with details about this)

3. RDA- The next step is to complete a Relationship Development Assessment (RDA®). The RDA is an important step in determining the current level and customizing the RDI program to fit your family. The RDA is an involved assessment involving you and your child that requires approximately 12-17 hours of preparation and work. Everyone, including out of town clients must undergo the RDA. Typically this is done at my home office. For long distance clients please allow a three day stay to complete the entire RDA. Occasionally, Stacy Goresko will travel to administer the RDA. Please contact her to see if this is an option for your family.

4. Consultation Sessions. Once your RDA is completed, Dr. Stacy Goresko will typically provide a 60 minute weekly or bimonthly consultative services to help you with your RDI Program. Long distance consultations are done via the telephone and/or the web.

5. Video Tape Reviews. Feedback and consultation through video tape review is a critical piece of the RDI program.

Fees* and Payment Schedule

Each initial visit prior to the RDA® is $150.
An RDA fee is $1300.
Parent Questionnaire and Video Review prior to the RDA is $100.
Hourly Consultation Fee is $115.
Video Review is $115 (up to 30 minutes of tape)

The RDA is to be paid in full prior to the start of the assessment. All other fees are due ON THE FIRST OF EACH MONTH.

*Fees are subject to change without notice

Modes of Payment

I accept credit cards, personal check or cash.