About Dr. Goresko

Dr. Stacy Goresko


  • RDI® Program Certified Consultant, Houston Texas
  • Ph.D. in Educational Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania. Coursework focused on Language and Education, Special Education, Bilingual Education, First and Second Language Acquisition, Methodology, and Intercultural Communication
  •  M.A. in French Language and Literature, University of Avignon, France
  • B.A. in French with a minor in Spanish, Long Island University, New York


Dr. Goresko has spent the last twenty years teaching, directing, and providing support to academic and home programs for pre-school aged children through college. Her professional experiences include:

  • Serving as an RDI® Program Consultant for individual families and schools.
  • Giving numerous workshops, lectures and presentations on Autism and RDI®. Places where she has been invited to speak include but are not limited to: The Aspen Center in Denver, The Autism Society of Boulder County, The Colorado Department of Education Conference, School District in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and numerous parent support groups throughout the Metro Area.
  • Training and staff development for schools on, Intro to Autism and RDI®, Helping Children on the Autism Spectrum at school, Building Social Relationships with children with ASD, Effective Communication in the Classroom, and Social Strategies for the Classroom Environment
  • Designing and implementing school-based educational programs for children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Designing and implementing home-based educational
  • Programs for children on the Autism Spectrum
  • Classroom teacher for all grade levels from pre-k through college from 1985-2005
  • Serving on Board of Trustees for the Autism Society of Boulder County 2004-2006


  • Parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum



What do I do as an RDI® Program Certified Consultant?


As a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI®) Program Certified Consultant in private practice, I  specialize in educating and treating families, children, adolescents and adults on the Autism Spectrum. I provides home-based and school-based consultations.

Here is more of my bio

Dr. Goresko is an accomplished educator with over 20 years experience  directing and teaching in prominent schools and colleges. She is a respected presenter on Autism, Helping Children on the Spectrum at School, Building Social Relationships with ASD Individuals, and Language Use and Social Interaction of the Classroom. Stacy Goresko received her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in the field of Sociolinguistics in Education. Stacy and her husband got the shock of their lives when their two year old son was diagnosed with Autism in 2002. Since that time Stacy’s life has dramatically changed.

Becoming a RDI® Program Certified Consultant has allowed Dr. Goresko to do what she does best- helping people- using her passion, compassion, teaching skills and expertise in face-to-face communication to educate people about Autism.

Dr. Goresko has since dedicated her life to support families who find themselves on the Autism Spectrum journey. As a parent of a child with autism she understands what families need. As a professional she can help!

Stacy Goresko, Ph.D., lives near Boulder, Colorado with her two children. To contact Dr. Goresko you can at email her or call her at 303.652.4950. or 720.290.2707